8 Life Principles From Nick Vujicic

National Achievers 2014 Congress.
25 May 2014 (*Nick Vujicic session)
The Mines Convention Centre.
Many people know this.
False Evidence Appearing Real.

Here is another one.
Full Assure In The Heart.


#1. You don't know what you can achieve until you try.
    •  Don't limit your potential.
    •  You will always be you. The beautiful you.
    •  Love yourself and give yourself another chance.

#2. Attitude of gratitude.

    •  I must be the best I can be.
    •  "Plant seed of love, not lies. Plant seed of hope, not fear"

#3. When I failed, I'm try again.

#4. Failure equal education.

#5. Obstacle equal opportunity.

• The one who approach Nick Vujicic to be a speaker
is the janitor(*cleaner) in his school.
He keep pushing Nick for 3 month until Nick agree to make a speech for the first time.

• After he graduate, Nick make 53 calls to get first speech at school.
50 dollar for that time to speak only for 5 minute in front of 10 people.(*not sure)

He paid his brother 50 dollar to sent him to that school,
which is more than 200km from his home because all the school in
his area already reject him when he make a call.

#6. Dream BIG.

#7. Never give up.

#8. Have faith.


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Nick Vujicic only have limited time that evening.

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Here is another pictures that I take that evening.